Dragon Age

I must say that it has been a long time since I have ever been this excited for a game.  The closest I can think of is maybe Mass Effect, but even then I wasn’t scouring the internet in search of one more bit of information.  From everything that I have seen, from gameplay to skill trees to even the written history of the game world, this game tickles a part of my psyche that I just can’t ignore.  I love fantasy role-playing games.  I love both Neverwinter Nights games, as well as their expansions.  And since the combat looks similar to that, I am more than happy.  I am, in fact, ecstatic.

Now I have on more than one occasion stated my forbidden love affair with Bioware games.  And with good reason as every game of their’s has been exceptionally fun.  And now with Dragon Age there is a table top adaptation in the works.  It’s like they have read my deepest desires and made them a reality.  For once I see this book on shelves it will be added to my ever expanding library of rule books.

Continuing my Dragon Age themed post I shall bring up the prequel novel Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.  It was a rocky start even getting into this novel for me.  This was entirely due to my local Chapters store saying they had 24 copies in stock.  Except for some bloody reason no copies were in the shelves, in the back room, or located in a 3 kilometer radius of the damned store.  Yes, I was not able to get the book immediately because the damned store couldn’t figure out where they were.  So I needed to order it in, and that took exceptionally long.  But it was a good day last week as my copy of the novel came in the same day as my hardcover copy of John Dies At The End arrived.

Over the next three or so days I read the book as much as I could and I have to say it was a page turner.  The last fantasy themed novel I had read was one of the Shannara series and my patience for the Lord of the Rings books had run out during one of the needless songs about halfway through the first book.  But Dragon Age had what I liked, swords and sorcery, back stabbing and revenge, and lots of battles.  In fact I decided this morning to read it again, and will hopefully finish this read through before the next book comes out on October 13th.  Hopefully these can hold me over until I can put the Dragon Age: Origins disk into my Xbox 360.


I hate my past self

At the best of times I have a very rocky relationship regarding my past self.  To characterize it my past self more often than not takes the easiest and quickest way out of any situation.  Now this may come as a shock but this tends to almost never work out well for me in the long run.  This usually ends with me having to do something that I don’t want to, or that I forget and get blind-sided at the last minute.  Hence, my future self now thinks of past me as a complete prick for what eventually happens.

Take for instance a weekend not too long ago.  Through incredibly silly and down right insane agreements I made a few weeks prior, I found myself in a chair drinking beer.  Now this in the most basic sense isn’t a bad thing.  I enjoy beer.  Though I digress that Rickard’s is not  a good bottled beer, but it is definitely delicious from the tap.  But this particular instance had me wincing every now and then, sometimes hissing in distain.  The light above was hot, CSI was down right giving me macabe visions of what was happening to me, and I was not getting drunk off the beer.  For some reason, my past self had decided that it would be a great idea to agree to getting my future self’s chest waxed.  Yes, past me is a god damn moron.

On a less traumatizing note I have been productive on a programming front in god knows how long.  Over this last weekend I was exhausted after getting up at 6:30 to drive the girl-friend to work and I decided then and their to program.  So out came the netbook, and up came Visual Studio 2005.  And five hours later I now have an application and a windows service.  The application can be setup to monitor folders the user selects, and takes a number of days.  The number of days is key, because it will then delete files that are older than that from the folder(s).  I have tested it and it works well.  I have to admit that it was the first Windows Service I’ve written and getting the damned thing to work was a pain in the ass but it works as it should.  I’m probably going to add it to my HelpApps project, which currently consists of a wallpaper rotator and a file name renaming application.  I have a plan in the works to re-program the wallpaper application to look to a MYSQL server and to organize the wallpapers based on their content.  Also, my batch renaming application needs an actual sorting algorythm because the manually moving the files around is a pain in the ass.

Not sure what I could program next.  Maybe I’ll branch out and work on making a Bittorrent client of my own.  I can see that being a fun diversion.  I can also see it being a frustrating one.

Burning Myself and Monopoly

Game night once again approaches.  Well, not so much a night as a weekend long trial by fire.  Or in this weekend’s case a trial by a hail of gunfire and rockets, with perhaps magic if we decide to play D&D 4.  Because when it comes to Shadowrun there is one thing we are consistent at and that is not using magic even though it exists within the game.  Though that could be because I am too damned lazy to give a damn about actually learning how it works properly.

I took the plunge over the weekend and put down a pretty hefty lump sum down on a pre-order for Dragon Age: Origins.  I am not worried because, as I have stated before, Bioware has yet to do me wrong.  The closest they came to that was Jade Empire, but I got in a groove and in the end really enjoyed the game.  So I await this new gift that shall arrive on November 3rd with anticipation.  Along with my undying need for Mass Effect 2.

Over the previous weekend we had several guests stay in our home and all was well.  Except for the various stupid things that occur; one of which by my own tendency for being completely devoid of common sense, and one game of Monopoly.  For the first, I have to admit that while I try to keep my actions in the realm of half assed normalcy.  So it came as a bit of surprise that I injured myself while cooking on the BBQ.  Not in an hilariously stupid manner such as dousing the charcoals in lighter fluid then looking with longing into it as I tossed a match inside.  No, I burned myself while closing the lid.  Where, instead of the using the cool and not searing wooded handle I instead felt it was smart to grasp the metal lid with my bare hands.  This was in fact the opposite of smart.

The second was a rousing game of Monopoly, which as far as I can discern is a breeding ground for cheating and back stabbing.  Enter Brice who, I am damned certain, has lifted stealing from the bank into an art form.  He went from owning two properties when everyone else held four or more.  He then made the greatest trade off in the history of Monopoly, took over the red block near Free Parking, loaded it out with houses and won the game.  It was almost awe inspiring.  In an evil mastermind kind of way.