An Impressive Canvas

Today, while driving to work, I began contemplating those first few stories I wrote when I was eight.  Horrid things.  Full of Mary-Sue writer wish-fulfillment.  But still oddly fun.  Some were by and large more fun than others.  Hell the first of a  series of six would later become the starting point for the novel I am perpetually working on.  I can even remember vague future stories; I think that I had planned to come up with twelve or so total.  And don’t quote me on this  but the last was going to be an incredibly depressing finale.  From what my memory plagued mind remembers was that it would have involved the Devil, a lot of people dying, and the main character’s mind being toyed with while everything burned.  Holy crap that is an entirely bleak concept for an eight year old.

Now I didn’t come to this train of thought without cause.  I happened to be looking at the clouds while I drove; of course only when it was safe to do so.  The thing with clouds is that they always remind me of the seventh, and thus never written, story I had planned in the ancient series.  Whenever I look up at the clouds, especially around sunrise and sunset, it always appeared like they had just been painted onto the sky.  I don’t know why I think that but I do.  From what I remember the story would have involved someone who either was able to bring their paintings to life, or trap living things within them.  Both stories have been done to death.  Hell I remember an episode of Are You Afraid Of The Dark doing that and I know there was an episode of Doctor Who that handled that too.  And come to think of it Clive Barker’s Undying did exactly this.

Still it was always a story that I regretted not doing.  In the end it was a stumbling block that had prevented me from finishing the series; though now that I realize just how dark the series would have ended perhaps that’s for the best.  Still the idea is still there and perhaps I will visit it again.  I have been feeling the need to write something, and while I have worked on the novel off and on, I think I want to do a short story.  Horror and suspense; the fantastical meeting the mundane.  These are what I know how to write.  The slow build up of reality crashing down upon the characters.  Perhaps now, with another seventeen years of experience, I will be able to follow through and actually complete that one story that stopped me.

Also, there is a Twitter feed now on the right hand side.   Do I think Twitter is still inherently pointless?  Yes.  But when I get bored and can think of something that amuses me I shall post it.  If for no other reason than to point out just how pointless the damned thing is.


Kobo: not just a fun word to say

I am a person of often compulsive buying habits.  For example, if I walked into EB Games right now I would probably walk out with a used game.  Not because I was actually in search of one but because something shiny caught my eye and I thought it would be entertaining.  This has caused me to get a copy of Lost Odyssey once again (and I am enjoying it once more).  Before that it was the first Assassin’s Creed game and Left 4 Dead 2.  I don’t even fully understand why.

To this end I, in my compulsive buying nature, pre-ordered a Kobo e-Reader from my nemesis the, Chapters/Indigo bookstore chain.  This wasn’t so much a compulsive buy as one out of necessity.  With the amount that I have been reading lately the damned price difference is killing me.

There is also the practical side to the whole decision to purchase it.  I like having my collections all condensed into as small a package as I can.  It’s why I enjoy my Zune, all my music is in a small and handy device.  Likewise the sheer amount of space that will be saved by having an electronic copy of my books.  I had been looking for a replacement bookshelf prior to this; the one I have is only a few years younger than myself and looks a hell of a lot more beat up.  But now I can have 1000 books on a device that is only a few millimeters thick and weighs basically nothing?

All in all I’m definitely looking forward to when the Kobo shows up.  From what I’ve seen it does everything that I want it to and has a look that I approve of (though that blue button is off-putting).  The only thing I’m not entirely sure of is the release date.  They have the oddly ambiguous May release for Canada and the even more cryptic Summer for the States.  This close to release you’d think that there would be a set date for when they go on sale, or in my case, ship.