Back in the Saddle

For the first time in a good long while I have had a chance to sit down and contemplate where things are in my life.  In mid-July I had switched jobs and fields; from working solely on computers and fixing software problems to solely fixing printers.  It is a change that I have welcomed and have been much happier than I had been.  There has been more travel and a more consistent work load and I am grateful for the second.  There has also been more responsibility than I have had before; and I seem to  be thriving on it.  So at least I have that going for me.

Since I had last posted much has happened.  My sister has become engaged, I’ve been taken to two weddings, and my girl friend has been very persistent about inquiring about a ring.  Thus I blame my sister for kick starting this line of questions, hints, and several hours of wedding ring websites being browsed.  It will happen; the question of when is up in the air.  I have been saving up for a ring but it all depends on what she wants in a ring.

I have been tossing ideas about in my head about the novel.  Some long standing problems that I had faced, and to be honest completely stopped me cold, have been resolved.  As far as I can tell the story flows better now; some plot holes are resolved but others remain.  Due to a schedule that will go into effect soonish, I shall be working on the novel fairly often.  Here is to hoping that progress is actually made.

Finally I have decided to grow a beard for the winter.  Laziness, as always, has played its part in the decision making process but there is more to it.  Specifically my complete and utter hatred of the cold.  With winter just around the bend I had made the choice to let it grow out.  Three weeks ago.  Had I been thinking at all I would have been taking a daily photo of the progress it makes.  I’d like to say I knew of the whole Movember thing prior to making the decision but I didn’t.  Still gonna rock the beard for it regardless.