Augmenting Reality

The novel progresses. I actually ran into an issue with the planned action sequence in the later bit of chapter two. Specifically around getting a character from point A to point B while still breathing. I actually figured out the problem while mildly drunk at a wedding reception. Using a napkin, sugar packet, and a mustache and a set of lips on sticks.  Don’t ask.  It wasn’t the most accurate map in terms of scale, but it did give me some perspective that I was needing.

I’ve also decided that regardless of the novels progress I’ll be taking part in Nanowrimo this year.  I’ll be going with a serial killer story I’ve been mulling over for quite some time now; but I’ll be aiming for a cyber punk.  I have long enjoyed the themes and general feel of cyber punk settings and have been wanting to branch out into that territory for a while.  Cyber punk has, since my initiation into the genre, been one of my favorite concepts.  Set just far enough into the future that the technology seems possible.  Biotech.  Augmented Reality.  Physical augmentation.  These things get me excited; flicking on that incredibly nerdy portion of my brain that loves gadgets and tech.

So things like the whole Google Glass project just make me smile.  I mean I know pop up adds are going to find a completely new and annoying existence, but oh do I want a heads up display.  No matter how useless it may actually turn out to be.  Let alone physical augmentations, if only for artificial limbs being as finely controlled as an organic limb.  Or even a way to overcome paralysis.  Sure Cyber Punk is littered with evil corporations that control the world and have secret wars with each other.  Unfortunately, that too comes closer and closer to reality each year as well.  Take the good with the bad I suppose.


Something new…

It took longer and much more effort than I care to go into but I finally found time to start writing again yesterday.  Part of the issue, as always with me, is lack of sleep.  When I’m tired my brain refuses to cooperate and I can barely string together a coherent sentence.  Thankfully I’ve been getting enough sleep lately so at least I’ve been able to think.  My writing time last night was, unfortunately, split between removing applications from Kristine’s laptop and actually writing.  I swear at this point I’ve uninstalled McAfee three separate times but it keeps finding its way back on.  Like the song “The Cat Came Back” I just can’t seem to kill this damned thing.

I managed to fix the issue I had with the second half of Chapter two.  When I first looked over it I expected to have to wipe out everything (though it wasn’t much) and start from scratch.  Even deleted it all and attempted to do just that.  But after a failed attempt I went back to the original, contemplated, and changed a total of two sentences.  Everything works better now and the entire tone of what happens through the rest of the novel has shifted considerably for the better.

I was excited that Bioware released the Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3, and that excitement lasted all through the week until I was able to actually see the content.  I couldn’t say I was surprised by the somewhat tepid response from the majority of people who hated the original endings.  There wasn’t anything Bioware could have done to satisfy them and quell their unreasonable amount of hate.  I believe I said it before but the concept that the original endings retroactively ruining the series baffles me.  It still does and I honestly can’t comprehend how that is even possible.  I’ve put over one hundred hours (closer to 150) into each game at this point and I still love the series as much as ever.  And the ending DLC does what it needed to do:  differentiate the endings, expand on what happened, and provide more closure.  Even with the endings expanded I stand by my belief that, for me, the only acceptable ending was going to be the total destruction of the Reapers and I wasn’t disappointed.  It isn’t the happiest ending for what happens to the Geth and Edi but I find it preferable to potential corruption through ultimate power or forcibly altering all life in the galaxy into an organic/synthetic hybrid.  But in story where millions are slaughtered and the galactic civilization is brought to its knees an ending of sunshine and rainbows doesn’t fit.