Coffee makes the writing easier

Chapter three has been hitting its stride.  I’m actual expecting it to be finished, hopefully, by the end of Friday.  And if, by some chance, this actually comes to pass I’ll try to get chapter four done by the end of the long weekend.  I’m actually getting excited about the novel.  Not that I wasn’t excited before; this thing is something that’s dominated my thoughts for years.  But this is the first time in ages that I feel like I can actually finish the thing.  I’m sticking to my no editing policy and that’s definitely helping keep me focused.  I desperately want to go back and make changes to chapter two but that isn’t happening until the entire first draft is completed.  I did have Kristine read over chapter one and I asked the most important question (to me), “Is my writing at least better than what’s in the Twilight series?” To which I received a yes.  So at least if nothing else I can hold onto that whenever writers block hits and I get all mopey.

I did have a rambling rant about female characters in games and how the industry needs to stop objectifying them.  But I decided against posting it, due to the single fact that I realized the post was going to go on forever without any clear conclusion.  Regardless, I feel the game industry needs to shape up and create stronger female characters, especially female leads.  You know, I’m really all for stronger female characters in every form of media.


Another Project on the Horizon

I’ve been thinking; one of the few things that I tend to do a lot of.  The novel, as it stands, will likely not be finished before the year like I was hoping.  I’ve revised my goal to by my birthday but I still think that’s a little optimistic.  Especially with my plans to take part in this years Nanowrimo.  However, I’ve been getting back into the nightly writing groove and plan to get at least half of my lunch hours dedicated to it.  Time will  tell but I’m holding onto some misguided optimism that I can keep at it; despite my historic trend of dropping things after a few weeks.

Speaking of the Nanowrimo I have the story lined up and somewhat fleshed out in my mind.  I may or may not have brought this up before (I can’t honestly bring myself to sift through my previous posts) but I’m planning to move forward with the serial killer story that I’ve been mulling over for quite some time.  I still want to pull a cyberpunk noire feel to it but have been torn between third and first person perspective.  At the moment I’m leaning more towards a hybrid of the two.  Brief chapters in the third person, describing the serial killer’s actions followed by the longer chapters that follow the protagonist in the first person.  I think it would give the mix of what to get across: the feeling of detachment from reality for the serial killer and the more intimate story of the protagonist.  I don’t know if it will work out, but I hope that the two different styles will play off each other well.  Giving everything a nice contrast I suppose.

The novel proper continues at what I can only call a slightly faster plodding pace.  Chapter two was finished last weekend, and there is a good start on Chapter three so far.  More action, more plot.  Chapter four will introduce a new character, and give a bit more insight into the world as will Chapter five.  Chapter six is planned to introduce the final protagonist and lead directly into gooey heart of the story.  By the end of chapter six I’m expecting to be around 50000 words, probably a bit more.  It really depends Chapter five, in all likely hood will be a bit shorter than the others as it is mainly lore but with a sprinkle of foreshadowing.

Enough rambling.  It’s time to get back to writing.