On the 18th I completed the first draft of the Nanowrimo novel under the working name of “Perfection’s Trap”.  The title was the first two words written for the novel and will likely be the last two words changed.  I’m not entirely enamored with it though it does a good job of illustrating the main theme of the book.  Though I think I’ll change it, eventually, to something a little more subtle.

Since the final few words were written I’ve been taking some time to myself.  Relaxing.  Catching up on some shows and games that I didn’t have the time for over the month and a half that it took to finish the novel.  But, as of yesterday, I’ve started the first revision.

I have a bit of a plan going into the first revision cycle.  I’ll be making the standard grammatical changes and spelling corrections but I’ve got three main goals besides that: emphasize the themes more from the society perspective, give a more detailed history between the protagonist and his eventual partner, and to expand and diversify the augmentations brought up over the course of the story.

The last goal is, perhaps, the biggest change that I want to make.  I made a lot of early hints that these custom-built limbs and replacement parts or enhancements were common place.  That they were illegally modified by the criminal element to provide hidden weapons or were modified remove any limitations on the technology.  Then I didn’t actually have any criminals use these things.

But as the year comes to an end I can say one thing: my resolution for 2012 to write more often was in fact a success.  I completed a novel and made some decent headway in the novel that has been circling in my mind for years.  Here’s hoping I can keep it up through 2013 as well.