November 1st or What the hell did I just get myself into… again!

And here we are.  Again.  Sitting at zero words written with thirty days to go.  Fifty thousands words looking like an unreachable mountain peak way off in the distance.  And here I am just sitting at the bottom with only the faintest ideas of where the story begins and where it will end.  Fun times are ahead.

In terms of the novel I think I’ve fleshed out the general plot threads a bit for each of the characters:

Mike – Witnesses a murder on a run of the mill surveillance job.  Gets dragged into the hunt for the killer against his will due to unpleasant circumstances involving surgical equipment and explosives.

Gwen – Begins trying to track down Mike after he vanishes and ends up focusing on getting him out of another terrible situation he stumbled face first into.

Lucy – Begins by assisting Gwen track down Mike but starts to notice corrupted data in all of her transmissions.  This corrupted data leads to why everything is happening.

There’s still a lot of questions about what is going to happen.  I really only have the first chapter, the last chapter, and a few in between planned.  I’m not even sure if I have more or less planned out than I did last year.  All I know is that in about three hours I will be starting up this self-inflicted misery again.  And I’ll be damned if I’m not going to hit that fifty thousand word target this year too.


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