Nano Update 2: A sense of purpose

Here we are at the halfway point. The novel: on track and on time. By the end of today I will likely be a few hundred to a thousand words ahead of schedule.  Everything has been going exceptionally well, especially considering those first few days where I nearly gave up on the entire endeavour.  

One of the biggest things to come out of this was that over the first six and a half chapters I’ve finally realized how everything ties together.  Mike, Lucy, and Gwen each have their own plot threads and each of those threads are woven into the over arching plot:

1) Mike – Witnesses a murder and is forced, via a cranial bomb, to track down the killer.

2) Gwen – A quick delivery job turns out to be anything but when corporate security comes after her to retrieve the package.

3) Lucy – After she injects surveillance code into Mike’s gear she realizes that data she hijacked was leaving a message for her.

Those are, essentially, the plot hooks for each character.  Like the first novel all of Mike’s chapters are first person while Gwen and Lucy’s are pushed back into the third.  I don’t know why I didn’t just make them all first person but what can you do.  I like Mike’s chapters because it is literally a stream of consciousness.  Whereas Gwen and Lucy’s are pulled back, there’s more detail in the world around them, but they are still fun to write in their own way.

I do like where Lucy is going though.  She’s kind of like Megaman.  She’s young, seemingly frail, but extremely intelligent for her age.  She listens, watches, and learns even when no one around her thinks she’d be interested.  She picks up the basics of investigation from Mike when he’s busy trying to teach them to Stitch.  She learns some personal defense techniques from Gwen when she isn’t looking.  She goes out of her way to find the kid who did the hacking from the first book so she can learn directly from him.  She is, in essence, taking in everything that she considers useful and finds a way to at least develop a basic understanding of the skills.


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