New Projects

I’ve been thinking, since I posted Seeking Perfection, of going back and doing a sort of retrospective with each chapter.  I’m reasonably certain that at no point anyone would actually care if I did so but I think on a personal level it would help me figure out how I approached everything.  If nothing else it could at least be mildly interesting I suppose.

Things have finally calmed down.  We moved into our house in the middle of January and have spent the last two months settling in and getting minor things repaired by the builders.  This move was a large part of why I didn’t attempt to take part in Nanowrimo last year.  I didn’t feel like I’d really have the time or energy to put in when I might have needed to get everything packed up for the move.  But with that out of the way I may be taking part in this year’s event.

But that is all dependent on how I feel leading up to that.  Right now I’m feeling like I need to take a trip back to where everything started for me.  Horror short stories.  Back when I was around eight or nine I’d write these terrible horror adventures filled with demons and ghosts and god knows what else.  I think those are stored on an old floppy disk somewhere.  But they were fun.  Quick adventures of my own imagination, although heavily influenced by Eerie Indiana, but never really focused on a single story thread for very long.  Each story was a new monster of some kind to thwart.

Now, some two decades and change later, I want to go back to that.  Not the self inserted terribleness of my awful first few short stories, but of a revisiting monsters.  The quick visitations of so many different types of creatures that have worked their way into humanity’s collective mythos over the last several millenia.  To that end I’m looking to work on an anthology of sorts.  Short stories and novellas.  Classic and new monsters made to be what they should be: horrifying in every imaginable respect.  I plan to include as much classical lore as possible with them but we shall see how that goes.

One of the first things I did was come up with a list of monsters that I’d like to potentially visit with these stories:

Zombies – I’ve been thinking about a story that tells the final hours of a survivor and how his selfish dickishness is his downfall.  Also I kinda just want to write a zombie story
Ghosts – I have an idea that I can only describe as Ghost Murder Ball.
Unknowable Horror – This will be a rewritten and actually completed version of “The Kiss” which I’ve posted in the short stories page
Vampires – Because they should be horrifying blood draining corpses not emo sparkling stalkers
Werewolves – For much the same reason as the vampires above they have been grievously wronged
Witches – My note on this is just “Classic Gross Witches” and I think that is a valid enough point
Black Eyed Children – Because jeez kids are creepy
Sirens – I’d like to do a modernized take on them
Cave Monster – There’s something altogether terrifying about knowing you are lost in a cave or tunnel system and knowing that something is hunting you
Demon – Given that my first real short story featured a demon I think I’d better revisit them
Shapeshifter – There is a reason “The Thing” is an amazing horror movie.  Building up paranoia is very intriguing.
Alien – Around this point I was starting to grasp at straws but we’ll see.  I’m pretty sure I’ll just end up making something else.
Lich – Another that I’m not sure of.  But a modern day take on a Lich might be interesting I guess.

I don’t want to go the route of slasher horror or torture porn.  I personally don’t find any of those stories whether it be written or movies particularly scary or even interesting.  That being said I’m more than willing to write the bloody details of death and gore.  But I like the psychological aspect to horror.  The uncertainty.  The slow build of tension and fear.  I think that’s what I’ll be trying to reach for.


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