Things and such

About three weeks ago, or at least roughly three weeks ago, I decided to take a look into Vook to create an eBook version of Seeking Perfection.  And lo and behold the fine people there came through and it is now available pretty much everywhere, although the Nook version is still on the way.  Take a look:…/Stewart_Prokopiw_Seeking_Perfecti……/…/seeking-perfection/id986876346…

Now with the schilling out of the way… I have a couple things planned in the nearish future.  The short stories are still in the works, and I’ve been plotting out the Ghost Murder Party one for a while now.  I’m also planning to spend June/July to finish the sequel to Seeking Perfection, or at least make some good progress.  Once that is done I’ll be moving onto my white whale of a project that has been simmering for far to long.  I’m actually hoping to have a first draft finished sometime this year.  We shall see how this all goes but I’ve been feeling better about things so I’m at least marginally optimistic.