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I’ve been thinking, since I posted Seeking Perfection, of going back and doing a sort of retrospective with each chapter.  I’m reasonably certain that at no point anyone would actually care if I did so but I think on a personal level it would help me figure out how I approached everything.  If nothing else it could at least be mildly interesting I suppose. Continue reading


Nanowrimo 2013 – The Revenging

Well I can’t honestly say I was expecting to be so absent as I’ve been.  I think it’s, in part, due to feeling a bit down over things.  Haven’t had the urge to write in a good long while.  Basically I’ve become the embodiment of a bum except employed and well groomed.  Hopefully things will be changing soon though.

I say hopefully because I received a reminder that Nanowrimo is starting up again.  There was a bit of a groan, both internal and audible, when I saw that.  While the first go round wasn’t what I’d call a painful experience it sure made November a long and grueling month.  But I did write a novel I enjoyed.  And maybe this time I’ll actually get a chance to join in on the write in sessions.  Although since the first meet up is on a day that I’ll be running my annual Call of Cthulhu Halloween adventure it’s already not looking good.

Ah yes.  Cthulhu.  Like I’ve said before many, many, many months ago: I don’t run these seriously.  In the slightest.  How can you when some of the plot lines involve a group of Krampus (Krampii?) going on a killing spree in worship of a crude statue of Santa?  Or a herd of Gremlins emerging from decades spent in caverns beneath Arkham, only to see images of elves and Santa Claus and believe that they are Santa’s little helpers of death?  This time round I’ll be throwing a bit more horror in and a bit more puzzles.  But since my stipulation for character creation is that they all need to be from ISIS from Archer I’m expecting this to be a very dark horror comedy.  Also lots of show references.  If there isn’t one mention of “Danger Zone” I will be deeply disappointed.

But back to Nanowrimo… I do think I’ll be taking part.  I’ve been throwing around some ideas for a sequel to the Seeking Perfection.  And once again I know how it begins and how it ends, and a couple things in between.  I think it will still bounce between character perspectives but instead seeing things from the antagonists perspective it’ll bounce between Mike and another protagonist or two.

And then it was done…

Seven months. Three revisions. 72000 words. And the novel is finished. Unless I receive a request to change something Seeking Perfection is now complete as far as I’m concerned. It has been quite the experience… spending this much time editing and reviewing and thinking and revising. I know that my short stories should have received this much review but laziness won out back then. Not so much this time. For all intents and purposes this was the longest I’ve ever spent focused on one single piece of writing and actually having something to show for it.

Where to go now… I have no idea.  I want it published.  I know it’s good enough to be published.  The how part of getting it published is a bit of a mystery though.  I’ve reached out to some literary agencies here in Canada and don’t expect to hear anything back for two months, if at all.  I did learn the very depressing fact that Canada has very few literary agencies.  And very few that will take science fiction, or more specifically the Cyberpunk Noir that is the novel.  I suppose I’ll wait and see for now.  If none of the agencies wish to review the completed manuscript I suppose I’ll try expanding into agents in the States.  And if that doesn’t work I’ll try the publishers directly.  Maybe.  Although if anyone knows of an agent looking science fiction detective stories let me know.

I took the opportunity, today, to review that very first version of Chapter one.  The one I posted all the way back in November.  Ha… so many corrections were made between then and now that it’s staggering.  Mostly minor things, spelling and punctuation and what not.  But it’s just one of those things where you look back on what you wrote and have a momentary cringe.  It is, I suppose, a nice reminder of where you were and where you ended up.  I feel that, as a writer, I grew over the course of the month and a half that I wrote the novel.  And grew ever more over the five and a half months that I spent editing it.

So what now?  What am I going to do while I try to convince someone to publish what I’ve written?  It’s back to work, so to speak.  I’ve put off my supernatural themed novel for seven months now.  And it’s time to put what I’ve learned over the course of writing Seeking Perfection to actually finish it.

I already know I’m going to have to heavily edit the completed first five chapters.  But I’m actually confident that I can finish it by the end of the year.  I can see it ending up around 100K to 110K words.  Though probably a little less than that.  But.  Only one way to find out.

Editing (Continued)

The end of this second draft is nearly in sight.  With two and a half chapters to go I will likely finish first thing Saturday morning, or Friday night if I push myself.  I’m feeling a bit better about the pace I’m going through it, though I think I won’t be making changes on a paper copy next time.  It was nice and all to go through and be able to make notes and corrections in pen, but I’ve essentially edited the novel twice at this point.  I found that, even though I made the initial review, I’ve made many more changes this time as well.

And the edit… I’m not sure.  Things have been fleshed out to the point where I’m happy with it.  Parts are better explained, some thugs are augmented, the killer’s motives are clearer, and the protagonist has a bit of a shift in character.  But… I don’t know.  Parts are stilted and stiff.  I think the next revision is going to have to focus on making the entirity of the novel flow a bit better.

I was experimenting the other day with attempting to create an eBook copy.  I have learned one thing: the best way, at least for this novel, is to export my Google Doc as a html and import that into Calibre.  At least going that route made my chapters actually appear in the table of contents.  Once I get this edition done I’ll probably give out a few copies to some people I know in order to get their feedback as I go through and make my third pass.  Like I said I already know that the prose needs to be tightened (its grown by nearly 4000 words since I started the actual edits), but I need the opinions of other people to make sure the story actually makes sense and is consistent.  I hold to the belief that I’m just too close to the story to be able to be as objective as I should be with regards to the content.  I fully expect to be told that it is a meandering plague of words and that I should feel bad for having typed them in the first place.  But we shall see.

Count Down

As of writing this the Nanowrimo count down is at fourteen hours and forty minutes.  Give or take.  I’ve been on  a steady and brutal increase of anxiety levels for the last week now.  Waiting.  Just waiting for the clock to tick over into November so that I can start writing this story.  Whether or not I finish is irrelevant.  I just want to try.

I’ll be adding a Nanowrimo 2012 page to document the progress.  In all likelihood it’ll be similar to the novel progress page, a counter (word count this time around) and some thoughts of how the day went.

I’m also planning to post the first chapter once it’s been completed but only it.  I’ve talked about the idea enough that I might as well just post the introduction to the killer.

The waiting continues.


I’ve been taking what I internally have decided is a bit of a break from writing.  A recharge if you will.  A brief reprieve while I plot out for the November marathon.  Or as it actually is: getting frustrated at one damn paragraph that segways into the rest of the chapter.  The transition from normalcy into Kate’s own tumble-down the rabbit hole.  There is also Borderlands 2 distracting me.  At times but not all times.

I also, no thanks to Chapters concept of preorders, have a copy of This Book is Full of Spiders.  The book itself is, I think, better than the original.  Now I haven’t finished the book, only around 90 pages in, but the flow and style are… more consistent.  So I’m definitely satisfied with the book itself.  Chapters on the other hand has reminded me, once again, why I bought a Kobo in the first place.

Maybe the problem is my definition of pre-ordering.  To me, from my history with video games, preordering means the store (or online store) knows how many copies to order so that they are on hand (or shipping) the day of the release date.  I see this as a guarantee that if I want something bad enough to pay the cost prior to actually getting the damned thing (usually months in advance) then I will actually have it as soon as it comes out.  This has been the third time I’ve tried pre-ordering something from them.  And I’ll be damned if I understand what they hell they are actually doing.

The first two times I preordered through their kiosks in store.  I preordered the first two Dragon Age prequel novels.  I figured, “Hey, might as well ship it to the store.  That way they’ll know how many to get in.”  What really happened was my preorder didn’t show up for three or four days after.  Meanwhile the store had local stock of the books.  Which they would not give me because they weren’t my preordered copy.  Now… this happened twice so we can also assume that I am in fact stupid.  The fact that I even bothered preordering a third time might mean I have some serious issues learning about patterns.

I swear if I didn’t have a physical copy of John Dies At The End (actually 2 copies, the original limited paper back run as well as the newer hard cover) I would never have put myself through this… I want to say folly.  In the end, when the book hadn’t even shipped by the end of the release day I pulled the trigger.  Order canceled.  I walked into the Chapters closest to where I live and walked out five minutes later with what I wanted.  I just don’t know why they continue to make the entire process of preordering a complete and utter train wreck.  I also don’t know why I walked back onto those tracks after getting burned twice before.

From now on it’s eBooks only.


The following pictures have been on my cell phone for a while now.

While impressive looking the sheer amount of icing was kinda off-putting. Those eyes? Made of whipped cream. I know. I was both shocked and awed at that.







I find this amusing because a) I’m not 30 and won’t be for a few years and b) it’s only on there because Kristine wanted more icing. You won’t believe how many fake birthdays I, her family, and herself have had.