Seeking Perfection (Novel)

For Michael Malone, a disgraced detective turned private eye, it didn’t seem possible for the day to get any worse.  After all, being dragged out of bed by the hired muscle of a Russian mob boss is pretty hard to top.  Especially when the mob boss in question is extremely unhappy with how his divorce proceedings are going.  So when Mike’s old partner on the Seattle PD contacts him out of the blue with the promise of a job opportunity Mike’s curiosity gets the better of him.

There’s a serial killer carving their way through streets of Seattle and the police have only a single lead; a designer drug that should never have been allowed inside the country.  The police have hit a wall and they want Mike to track down where the killer is getting the drug and, if possible, find the killer.

Despite his gut telling him that something about the whole deal is off Mike takes the job.  Partly for the money.  Well mostly for the money.  But also because there wasn’t any way his day could possibly get any worse.…/Stewart_Prokopiw_Seeking_Perfecti……/…/seeking-perfection/id986876346…


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