Short Stories

With the blog expanding into a more open journal any short stories I write may in fact get lost in the flurry of updates.  Well not a flurry.  Perhaps a steady trickle for the time being.  At any rate I’ll be organizing the stories I write here for quick access.  Figure I should at least get that in order.

Modern Warfare – A grizzly tale about a man sent into enemy territory with no backup.

The following three stories are part of a continuing plot that I call Dreams of the Void. This plot line may in fact be expanded upon at a later date:
Part 1 – The Woman
Part 2 – The Dagger
Part 3 – The Sacrifice

Within the Shadows – A man recounts the events that lead to his friend’s untimely demise.

The Moon’s Gaze – A pseudo-fantasy love story

The Kiss – A man finds himself drawn by music, and experiencing revelations that shatter his sense of reality (This is a work in progress and hasn’t been finished)

Aging Power – An elderly man looks on in dismay at the current state of his city.


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