New Projects

I’ve been thinking, since I posted Seeking Perfection, of going back and doing a sort of retrospective with each chapter.  I’m reasonably certain that at no point anyone would actually care if I did so but I think on a personal level it would help me figure out how I approached everything.  If nothing else it could at least be mildly interesting I suppose. Continue reading


Nanowrimo 2013 – The Revenging

Well I can’t honestly say I was expecting to be so absent as I’ve been.  I think it’s, in part, due to feeling a bit down over things.  Haven’t had the urge to write in a good long while.  Basically I’ve become the embodiment of a bum except employed and well groomed.  Hopefully things will be changing soon though.

I say hopefully because I received a reminder that Nanowrimo is starting up again.  There was a bit of a groan, both internal and audible, when I saw that.  While the first go round wasn’t what I’d call a painful experience it sure made November a long and grueling month.  But I did write a novel I enjoyed.  And maybe this time I’ll actually get a chance to join in on the write in sessions.  Although since the first meet up is on a day that I’ll be running my annual Call of Cthulhu Halloween adventure it’s already not looking good.

Ah yes.  Cthulhu.  Like I’ve said before many, many, many months ago: I don’t run these seriously.  In the slightest.  How can you when some of the plot lines involve a group of Krampus (Krampii?) going on a killing spree in worship of a crude statue of Santa?  Or a herd of Gremlins emerging from decades spent in caverns beneath Arkham, only to see images of elves and Santa Claus and believe that they are Santa’s little helpers of death?  This time round I’ll be throwing a bit more horror in and a bit more puzzles.  But since my stipulation for character creation is that they all need to be from ISIS from Archer I’m expecting this to be a very dark horror comedy.  Also lots of show references.  If there isn’t one mention of “Danger Zone” I will be deeply disappointed.

But back to Nanowrimo… I do think I’ll be taking part.  I’ve been throwing around some ideas for a sequel to the Seeking Perfection.  And once again I know how it begins and how it ends, and a couple things in between.  I think it will still bounce between character perspectives but instead seeing things from the antagonists perspective it’ll bounce between Mike and another protagonist or two.

Yesterday: Not Enough Coffee

In all honesty, I had a post written up yesterday.  I could have sworn that I hit Publish.  Perhaps it was all a fever dream because that post was sitting in my list as a draft only.  Oh well.  It’s up and about at the moment.  Hooray.

The novel continues at what I would call a twisted ankle pace.  It most definitely doesn’t deserve to be considered break neck.  Yesterday was nearly a wash completely, due in no small part to my sleep schedule getting beaten with a lead pipe.  Not much can be done about that.  However, I did get a… bit written yesterday.  My lunch hour was a mixture of me writing a few sentences, throwing my hands ups, surfing the internet, then mentally bitch-slapping myself to get back to writing.  Rise and repeat ad nauseam.  The evening wasn’t much better, I never really found my groove but the extra-large Tim Horton’s coffee helped me focus a bit.

Today was a bit better, productivity wise, over the lunch hour.  Actually being able to think added quite a bit to the actual act of writing.  I’ve nearly exhausted what I have left of a previous revision, and at this point I’ve throughly come to the conclusion that the ideas were good.  Just the writing was terrible.  I can live with that, I’ll hold onto that notebook to the ends of the earth.  If only to remind myself that I was terrible once and am not so terrible now.  The weekend seems…. optimistic to finish the chapter, but if I can spare maybe four hours I might be able to get it finished.  Depends, I suppose, on how much I can get written tonight and tomorrow.  The Avengers is going to throw a wrench into that too I think.

There is another new page up at the top, Weigh In.  I shall use it to chronicle my new eating and work out experience in order to keep my ass on track.  Why?  Why not.  If anything I’m going to need a sarcastic outlet to make fun of myself.

Progress Tracking

Things continue to progress nicely.  At least in regards to the novel.  I’ve added a new page to the blog to track the progress of the first draft; I’m hoping that seeing that progress bar track across will keep me motivated to continue on.  I’ve also decided to set aside not only my lunch hours but another hour each night to writing.  Coupled with the an attempt this weekend to use a couple of hours each day the progress should hopefully track quickly.  Or at least more quickly than it has been.

As I said yesterday I like routine.  But that’s not to be confused with how lazy I tend to be (for future reference: Very).  I have, however, been making the effort to get up earlier each day.  I’m getting up at the ungodly hour of six a.m.  Getting up at this vile hour allows me to prep my lunch for the day and gives me time to exercise before my shower.  Yes… exercising.  One thing that I can easily say that I loathe without batting an eye.  I’ve been at it for a few weeks now, and will be making it a bit more strenuous next week.  Nothing major, I don’t want to injure myself and let things slip like… well every other time I’ve started exercising.  Currently I’m around 230 pounds, and at 6’5″ that’s not overly bad.  We’ll see if I can get down to 200 though over the summer.  There be plans in motion to eat healthy and not cheat.  However, I have cleared it with the fiancée that coffee is exempt from the cheating category so I think I’ll be fine.  With walking a ten thousands steps a day (her target) I think things will turn out fine.

I’ve been toying with the idea of taking the fiancée out into the country during nice weekends during the summer.  Just to see the sights, take some pictures, and get out and about.  Problem is she is deathly allergic to wasps so we’ll need to be on our guard.  I’d like to start including a random picture with each post, give it a little color.  We’ll see.

Working things out

Currently the novel is sitting around half the length of Within the Shadows.  Which is still the longest bit of writing I have successfully finished.  Not the longest that I ever made progress on however.  There was a previous attempt at a novel, back when I was fourteen or fifteen that made it to roughly 25000 words before I realized how ridiculous it all was.  Zombies, mutants, etc.  I may or may not have touched on this affront to narrative before.  If not?  Then it’s for the best.

I’ve recently learned that I’ll be taking part in the 2012 Global Corporate Challenged.  If you aren’t familiar with the program it is essentially used to promote more exercise in your life.  And I’m definitely in need of more exercise.  I started getting up a little earlier last week, and have been easing myself into working out a bit before my morning shower.  The end goal was to get up around 5:50 am, maybe a little earlier, to make my lunch and go for a half hour walk/workout.  So far I’ve made it to 6:10 am.  Almost there at least.  Hopefully the GCC will help get me in gear some more.  They want me to take the stairs to get to my floor.  But there is not way in hell I’m climbing ten floors with my heavy ass work-bag each day.  Especially when it comes time for the summer heat.

I’ve got a Shadowrun session that I need to plan out for Thursday.  I know what I’m going to run with.  The group, for better or worse, are both stealthy and murderous.  And prone to running head long into danger, but with a plan.  It’s… a bit surprising given that two of the players have consistently played without regard for their characters’ well being.  I’m thinking of a two-part mission: the destruction of some machinery critical to a revivals production plant, and distracting the plants guards so a small extraction NPC team can extra a top-level scientist.  I also plan to end with a car chase, because the last one ended with a safe being hurled at the cops following them.  And I find that ridiculously hilarious.

A slight revision

I managed to finish off the prologue yesterday. There is one thing that I want to clean up a bit before I move into chapter one, mostly just fluff for the actual confrontation at the end. But it’s something that I didn’t think about until late yesterday night and I’ll end up hating myself if I forget about it in the future.

I’m going to attempt to set aside a couple hours tomorrow and on Sunday to see how much progress I can make. Maybe more if I end up getting into the zone. Since I have the first fifteen chapters planned out there shouldn’t be any issues with not knowing what to write. I’m a little uneasy about after that. I’ve got major plot points after that, but how they are connected is still a little vague at best. But I’ll deal with that in time.

As for the start of chapter one? It’ll be nice getting to write the protagonists again. And the nightmares. I think I need to get a bit more creative that I had been. A bit more descriptive. If I had some privacy I might actually start laughing manically.

Internal Clock

I am growing of the opinion that my body does not like me.  Specifically that it doesn’t like me well rested.  For two straight weeks I’ve been waking up at 5:30 AM on the dot and not being able to fall asleep after.  This is disturbing because, until recently I’ve never been up that early.  Ever.  It is a dark and evil time of the day.  A time that, were it my choice, should not exist.  Now this morning I came up with a clever solution to a work related problem, but that does not excuse this horrible recurring situation.  It is getting to the point that I can barely remember the last time I was well rested.

I feel I’m comfortable enough with the novel’s outline that I’ll be kicking things into gear tomorrow night.  There’s a lot to do, but now that I’ve got a concrete plan involved it all seems less daunting.  I’m definitely excited to get back to work on it.  Last week’s personal epidemic had set things back slightly but not a whole lot.  Writing is a difficult thing when your own thoughts sound like the adults from Peanuts.  The only thing that disappoints me is that I won’t have my glasses in time for the kick off tomorrow.  They will most surely help prevent the eventual eye strain that will happen.

I’m planning on setting up a separate page on this very blog to track my progress on the novel.  I don’t really have a set idea of how many words the novel will end up as.  But from my outline I’m expecting around thirty chapters, of varying lengths.  This number isn’t set in stone; some may be removed, combined, or added as I make my way through.  But the end goal will to mark my progress on the current chapter that I’m working on, how many chapters have been completed and a running word count.  Because why not.  I make databases and like seeing those end totals.  It’s a sickness.